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Terms of Use

The Terms of Use is valid for the users inside Nepal and Internationally (www.everestleaks.com). Terms of Use is agreed by browsing the site. If you are not compliable with the terms and conditions, please do not send your information to us. The terms and conditions of (www.everestleaks.com) can be changed or modified according to time and need. So please view the terms time to time to stay informed of the updates.

  1. Everestleaks.com can be used according to the Nepal’s applicable law and terms.
  2. Do not submit offensive and inappropriate material.
  3. All the published materials in www.everestleaks.com will be secured in Redpanda News Network Pvt. Ltd as right to intellectual assets.
  4. Use the Service only for your personal, non-commercial purposes.
  5. You can contribute to www.everestleaks.com by sending your photo, text, audio, video or sketch. In this you need to provide authority to use the contents freely according to need of  www.everestleaks.com. The contents’ copyright will be with the service provider. Sometimes, www.everestleaks.com can provide it to the third party as well.
  6. The contents you sent will be published along with your name, identity. If in case you do not want to publicize your name and identity, it won’t be published.
  7. The content that you upload should be civil, creative, lawful, meaningful, truthful, credible and should not be offensive and impersonate another person.
  8. The contents published in www.everestleaks.com will be correct and if there are any errors, they will be edited as soon as possible. There may not be warranty in server, virus, hacking and other technical problems.
  9. Any false name and identity should not be used to comment inappropriately and abusive and harassing contents is strictly prohibited.
  10. If you have any queries, you can email us at [email protected] for further information.